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A Prayer for our Nation

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Whether you celebrate the 4th of July or not today, there is no doubt that there is a lot to pray for in our nation. Join us in prayer today
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4th of July is a day that the United States of America celebrates the day we declared our independence from the British Empire. But even this day there is so much darkness, apostasy, sin, and brokenness. It seems as if we are more divided than ever and this nation could not be farther from God.

For all of our American audience, I want to take this day to simply say a prayer for our nation. For the audience outside of the United States, I ask that you join in praying with us for our nation as we celebrate this holiday.

Father God,

May it be Your name that is known and made holy throughout the nations, including our nation. May we have reverence for who You are and may people have fear for Your name. Not fear of Your name, but fear for Your name, as we bow to Your throne.

As political parties fight against each other and turn brother against sister, son against mother, father against daughter, may we remember the kingship of Your glorious Son, Christ Jesus. As we celebrate the birth of a nation, may we continue to love our country, but remember where our citizenship truly lies.

May it be Your Kingship and Your sovereign hand that guides this nation, Lord. Bring us to our knees and move across this nation, because it is You and You alone that holds the world. Guide us, lead us, and do as You will.

Bring us through each day, more desperate for You than for food. Have this nation be dependent totally unto You, looking to You for all things.

While blood is spilled in schools and in streets, may we be covered in the blood that was spilled for salvation. We pray You forget the sins of our nation and of all of us who live in it, that our nation comes to You in humble repentance.

Teach us to love one another and forgive one another, as you have loved and forgiven us, our God.

Evil rages in our nation, but we pray that You lead us away from it and proclaim Your victory over all darkness. Proclaim the victory that You won on the cross and let it be more true today than ever before, Lord our God.

Let us know You deeply and love You as You know us and love us.

Lord, be with us and meet with us.

Lord, have mercy on our nation.

Lord, have mercy on our souls.

Come, Lord Jesus.