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Ask Us Why exists to support, disciple, and mobilize the next generation of believers to bring Jesus to the world.

Meet the Founder

What's up guys! My name is Jeremy Davenport and I am the founder of Ask Us Why. I am 23, married to my best friend, have the best lil golden retriever, and am soon to be a father! I'm extremely passionate about living a life sold out for Christ and helping others to find that same passion. I envision Ask Us Why to be a worldwide community united on bringing Christ to every corner of the world. I hope you will be a part of it?


At Ask Us Why, our goal with every piece of apparel we make is to do at least one of three things:

1. Encourage the believer
2. Present the Gospel
3. Start the conversation

We design and produce all of our apparel in-house. There's just something different about being involved in the process and getting to create it ourselves. Beyond this, we create videos for every design we make, called Design Inspiration, which can be watched here. We are passionate about equipping those who wear our apparel to be able to share the Gospel and talk Jesus like second nature. It's foreign to many of us here, but that's no excuse to not share Jesus. We are called to. And we believe confidently that our apparel can help you do just that.

More than just apparel

     Beyond an apparel company, we are deeply passionate about equipping believers in all stages of faith with the truth and grace we receive from Scripture. In an ever changing world, there are many popular false teachings that are contrary to the truth of the Bible. We believe that holding true to God’s word is imperative to living out the Will of God, apart from which there is no better way to be living. At Ask Us Why, we want to be more than just a Christian clothing company. We want to encourage and equip others to live out the call to share the Gospel in every opportunity. In other words, we are here for you.
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Winter 2018

In the winter of 2018, a group of college students brainstormed ideas on how they could fundraise for their mission trip. Everyone knows how challenging it can be. Nonetheless, their brains brought together the idea to sell t shirts. Only, they didn't want their t shirts to be your typical mission trip shirt. They wanted their t shirts to represent something bigger than just the trip, they wanted the shirts to stand for what the mission trip was all about, sharing the gospel. From there, 5 shirts were born. All different phrases with the statement "Ask Me Why" on the back. Everything from saying "I Have Joy" "I Am Enough" to "I Have Hope" and "I Am Free" written on the front in hopes of catching eyes and starting conversations. The idea was so loved by their friends and family that it only made sense to do it again the following year. This time, the idea being spearheaded by two individuals in hopes of doing something bigger than just themselves.
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October 2019

In October of 2019, the company was legally born, "Ask Us Why." From then, it has done exactly as they had hoped for, becoming something more than just a t shirt. Now, the company focuses strongly on ministry and reaching the next generation of believers while continuing to support mission work and fundraising. Since then, the team has grown, the company rebranded, the model restructured, and the mission has been established.

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Ask Us Why exists to support, disciple, and mobilize the next generation of believers to bring Jesus to the world.


We support believers through fundraising for mission trips. This comes through partnering with teams to allow a % of sales made in their name through our site to go directly to them. The other option is to create your own t shirt that we will print and they can sell for a higher profit.