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Project 315

we're much More than just Christian clothing

What's Ask Us Why?

We are a Christian clothing company.

Ask Us Why began as a way to fundraise for a mission trip to Africa. Now we make clothing to inspire believers to live out their faith and bridge the gap between what we hear Sunday and how we live Monday-Saturday.

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We are a ministry.

Through Project 315, Ask Us Why is set on supporting, discipling, and mobilizing the next generation of believers through resources such as our Podcast, our Newsletter, student ministry support, and more.

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We are an apparel printing business.

Because Ask Us Why is an e-commerce business, we do our own design, printing, and fulfillment. Beyond that, we desire to build our community and print for other companies, groups, and organizations. If you need apparel printed, feel free to check out our page and reach out!

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